Artist Statement


I see beauty in people, places, and what surrounds me. So I want to create beauty in art. I enjoy the extreme contrast of black and white while I also love color…lots of color. That said, my art seems to be ever changing. My subject matter ranges from animals to people to flowers to just plain abstract. My media is diverse and my focus is eclectic.

One of my favorite artists is Paul Klee. This is because his art seems child like in some ways and I truly enjoy the emotion and natural art that comes from children. Children draw and paint what they see and feel without constraint. It is pure.

While traveling I saw an artist’s work that was very simplistic and captivating. Her story of what she paints and why was captivating. My story is simply that I have always been around art and now is my time to fully immerse and enjoy the challenge!

Simple. I like simple, impressionistic, and abstract art.

Lisa Mara

Artist Professional Biography

Born and raised in New York, I earned a B.A. in Education and Fine Art from Southampton College of Long Island University and a Masters degree in Learning Handicapped from California Lutheran University. After retiring from the United States Air Force I made my home in San Antonio. Once here, I resumed my teaching career and worked as a middle school art teacher.  

Since retiring from teaching middle school art, I have begun to refuel and immerse in a variety of art forms. A fan of music, I enjoyed playing Mrs. Mopps in the musical version of A Christmas Carol, 2010, at the San Pedro Playhouse. Currently I am sampling a variety of media from photography to printing to mixed media and painting.  

Since childhood, I have always been surrounded by art. Now is my time to indulge in creativity.


Currently I am a member of GAGA (Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association), the San Antonio Art Education Association and the Texas Art Education Association. Each year I juror for VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event), an annual competition for Texas high school students.

I am also a member of the San Antonio Art League and Museum, the Southwest School of Art, the McNay Museum, and the San Antonio Art Museum.